Fabrication and Reparation of Oil and Gas Drilling Equipments
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PT. Bima Drilling Tools, in a short span of time, has developed a unique combination of design, engineering and manufacturing expertise resulting in major contributions to the needs of the Oil, Gas and Geothermal Industries in Indonesia. BDT has the manufacturing capacity and engineering technology to meet all your needs.

Adapter Spools

Kelly Running Tools

Casing Hanger Adapters

Lift Plugs

Casing Hangers

Lift Subs

Casing Heads

Riser Spools

Crosses and Tees

Rotary Subs

Diverter Spools

Studded Crosses

Double studded Adapters

Studded Tees

Drill Stem Subs

Tubing Hangers

Drilling Spools

Tubing Head Adapters

Flanged Adapters

Tubing Head Re-completion Spool

Flanged Tees

Tubing Heads

Flanged-To-Union Adapters

Weld Neck Flanges

Intermediate Casing Heads

Wellhead Unit






BDT’s commitment to quality and service are carried through in the area of customer property management. As a service, tubular product such us Casing, Tubing, Drill Pipe, Drill Collar, HWDP, Customer Supply Product are managed by System.

When a customer’ equipment arrives at BDT, a complete inspection is performed to assess the condition of the equipment and determine is reparability. Equipment which is repairable separated from those items which are to be scrapped out.



BDT provide API wellhead equipment remanufactured to like-new condition. A one year limited warranty is offered on all equipment remanufactured by BDT. The equipment will provide performance comparable to that of new equipment at a much lower cost. This equipment is remanufactured refer to API Specification.

API 6A Wellhead equipment;

Drilling Spools;

Spacer Spools;

Double Studded Adapter;

Pipeline Flanges;

Blow Out Preventers 






BDT is an API 5CT and API 7-1 licensed Threader and able to handle all your casing, tubing, Drill Pipe, Drill Collar, HWDP, NMDC and crossover rethreading needs. In additional we are produced various premium connections enabling us to process all your special threading needs.

BDT has a complete set of thread gages to measure thread sizes, from 2”-20” diameter. These gages are calibrated and can measure pitch diameter, lead error and threadform.

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